Grosseto Camping - Tourist Attractions Grosseto Tuscany Italy

Grosseto Camping 

 Tourist Attractions Grosseto Tuscany Italy



Grosseto Camping

Grosseto has a few small campsites, and it is a great way of exploring the town and surrounding areas on a tight budget. Nominal charges are based on per person per night. For suggestions on the most suitable campsites consult the local tourist boards and provincial tourist offices. A complete list of camping sites with location map is issued free by the Federazione Italiana del Campeggio e del Caravanning.

Camping Eden 

Telephone: +39 0564 35465

Located in Marina di Grosseto.

Camping Le Marze 

Telephone: +39 0564 35501



Located on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the shade of a pine wood.

Camping Principina 

Telephone: +39 0564 31424

Located in Grosseto

Camping Rosmarina 

Telephone: +39 0564 36319

Located 50 meters from the sea in the area of Marina di Grosseto. 

Camping Village Il Sole 

Telephone: +39 0564 34344

Located close to the town of Grosseto, with the Maremman Natural Park close by.

Camping Village Cieloverde 

Telephone: +39 0564 321611



Located close to the beach between Principa a Mare and Marina di Grosseto.


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Grosetto Camping

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Terme di Saturnia Park  

Teatro Degli Industri 

The Cathedral

The Medicean city Walls

Teatro Degli Industri

The Church of S. Francesco

Museum of Maremma

Museum of Natural History

Antico Casale di Scansano Hotel

Villa il Tesoro Hotel


Rodeo della Rosa

Merca de Bestiame

Punta Ala Golf Club

Grosseto Camping - Tourist Attractions Grosseto Tuscany Italy


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