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Historic Soccer

Historic Soccer, Calcio Storico, is performed in historically correct Renaissance costumes. The game dates back to 1530, or even as far back as the 1400's, and were originally held in the Piazza Santa Croce until 1739. The sport was bought back by Fiorentini in 1930.

The game commences with a parade, up to 530 Florentines dressed in costume, that covers the centre of Florence. Four different neighbourhoods make up the teams, and are named after their most important church with their own colour. Santa Maria Novell- red, San Giovanni - green, Santo Spirito - white and Santa Croce - blue. It is an aggressive competition between neighbourhoods all vying for the the winner's title.

The Calcio Storico consists of three single elimination games. The team with the most caccie wins the grand prize of a live cow. This was traditionally butchered for the after games feast but now it is just used as a symbol.

Price: €15 to €40         

Telephone: +39 055 210804


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Historic Soccer - Florence Festivals Tuscany Italy


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