Festivals in Livorno - Livorno Festivals Tuscany Italy

Festivals in Livorno 

 Livorno Festivals Tuscany Italy



Livorno Events

The CEL, Summer Committee of Livorno, regularly hold theatrical performances through out the year. These traditional theatre performances have been established since 1967 and include the Mascagnana Lyric Season held in the summertime.

The Effetto Venizia is held during the summertime evenings with shows, markets, street artists and fireworks.

In the thrid week of April the Naval Academy of Livorno holds regattas. This consists of 75 regattas with 14 classes and held in nine seperate areas simultaneously. There is upto 2000 participants and 600 sailing boats and attracts some of the worlds finest crews and skippers.



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Festivals in Livorno - Livorno Festivals Tuscany Italyy


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