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Breathtaking beauty, a wonderful culture, excellent food and wine, a great climate and friendly people are some of the reasons why people are looking for a second home or even relocation in Livorno and its surrounding towns and villages.

Buying a property in Livorno offers good rental prospects and could lead to a healthy investment gain. Many would like to own their own holiday property as their second home or maybe a more permanent new home, or you could be buying for investment purposes to rent out as accommodation for tourists! Whichever is your reason since the roman times it has been a definition of your success owning our villa!!!

Villas in Livorno, vary completely in size and shape, starting at two bedrooms generally ranging up to 6 bedrooms sometimes more!!

Buying a villa in the centre of Livorno will be expensive but more affordable properties can be found in the surrounding towns and villages nearby.

For example:

This town house has 2 bedrooms and is fully double glazed. The property also offers 2 bathrooms, wooded beams, arched doorways and a laundry area. €520,000

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Livorno Villas - Villas Livorno Tuscany Italy

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