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Breathtaking beauty, a wonderful culture, excellent food and wine, a great climate and friendly people are some of the reasons why people are looking for a second home in Florence or even relocation.

Buying a property in Pisa offers good rental prospects and could lead to a healhy investment gain. Many would like to own their own holiday property as their second home or maybe a more permanent new home, or you could be buying for investment purposes to rent out as accommodation for tourists!

Buying an apartment in the centre of Pisa will be expensive but more affordable properties can be found in the surrounding towns and villages nearby.


This 3 bedroom apartment is located 4km from the small town of Calci. The building has recently been restored and comes with 3500m2 of land with olive groves. Price €200,000.


Located in the countryside near to Pisa this modern complex contains 12 apartments with communual swimming pool and tennis courts. All apartment come with gardens and views of Pisa's famous Leaning Tower. Prices start from €450,000.


Pisa Apartment Rentals

There are plenty of Apartments to rent for your holiday in and around Pisa, whether you want a basic apartment just to lay your head a night or luxurious with an abundance of facilities!



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Pisa  Apartments - Apartments Pisa Tuscany Italy

Pisa  Apartments - Apartments Pisa Tuscany Italy. Property to rent or buy, tourism around the Italy. Italy holidays. Italian hotels, flights, holidays.


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