Pisa Camping - Tourist Attractions Pisa Tuscany Italy

Pisa Camping 

 Tourist Attractions Pisa Tuscany Italy


Pisa Camping

Pisa has a few small campsites, and it is a great way of exploring the city on a tight budget. Nominal charges are based on per person per night. For suggestions on the most suitable campsites consult the local tourist boards and provincial tourist offices. A complete list of camping sites with location map is issued free by the Federazione Italiana del Campeggio e del Caravanning.

Camping Pineta 

Telephone: +39 050 32220/+39 050 32038

Email: E-mail: info@camping-pineta.it 

Located in pine bush near to the city of Pisa.

Camping St. Michael 

Telephone: +39 050 33103/+39 050 33041/+39 050 20184

Email: info@campingstmichael.com

Located on the Thyrennian coastline in between Pisa and Livorno.

Campeggio Villaggio Internazionale 

Telephone: +39 050 36553/+39 050 35211/+39 050 500470

Email: campstm@iol.it

Located at the Marina di Pisa,at the coast and near Pisa.  

Mare E Sole 

Telephone: +39 050 32757

Email: info@campingmareesole.it

Located on the Tirrenic coastland in easy reach to Pisa. 

Camping Village Torre Pendente 

Telephone: +39 050 561704

Email: info@campingtorrependente.it 

Located near to the city of Pisa



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Pisa Camping - Tourist Attractions Pisa Tuscany Italy


Pisa Camping - Tourist Attractions Pisa Tuscany Italy - Tourist Attractions Pisa Tuscany Italy. Property to rent or buy, tourism around the Italy. Italy holidays. Italian hotels, flights, holidays.


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