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Pisa, Tuscany, Real Estate is an excellent investment opportunity! Although Italy is becoming increasingly more popular there are many properties available at good prices, either brand new developments or old style properties, whatever your preference. It is not impossible to get your new home or maybe your holiday getaway second home, whichever your dream at an unreasonable price.

If you are buying to let then it would probably be better if you bought in a more popular town, like Pisa, rather than in the middle of no where, this may be your preference but to many it wouldn't be the type of place that they would want to vacate to!!! So you would be more likely to have your place rented out all year round then you would if you did not! Obviously if you are not planning on renting then this is not a problem!

Pisa offers every type of accomodation imaginable, from apartments to villas, farm houses to castles, palaces to ruins. What ever you are looking for Pisa can offer it. Prices vary as much as the type of property available and whether you are looking to the city centre or the surrounding towns and villages.

Villas in Pisa, vary completely in size and shape, starting at two bedrooms generally ranging up to 6 bedrooms sometimes more!! The average price for a 2 bedroom villa on the outskirts of Pisa is approximately 270,000 Euros.

For the buyer with ambition, why not purchase a property for restoration. You will find that the prices are a lot keener.

As you can see whatever your budget your dream isn't too far from becoming reality!




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Pisa Real Estate - Real Estate Pisa Tuscany Italy

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