Festivals in Prato - Prato Festivals Tuscany Italy

Festivals in Prato

 Prato Festivals Tuscany Italy


Prato Festivals

Festivals range from local religious processions to avant-garde musical events. Many of Prato's festival are celebrations of food.

Display of the Virgin's Girdle

One of the biggest festivals is the display of the Virgin's Girdle. Normally the Girdle is held in the Duomo, but 5 times a year a medievel ceremony is held and the Girdle is bought out on show to the crowds that are gathered in the Piazza. 

Poggio a Caiano

This is a music festival that is held in the park of the Villa Medicea, and has been running since the 1970's. The festival is mainly of ethnic and folk origin and is held from the end of June and throughout July.

Sagra della polenta

The Polenta festival is held on the first Sunday of lent, and celebrates the chestnut meal.

Other festivals include:

Sagra del Castagnaccio

Sagra del Cocomero

Agricultural Fair

Fig Festival

Settembre Pratese

Grape Feast



Prato Parks

Prato Museums

Gallery of Palazzo

Laboratory Museum

Museo Archeologico

Cathedral Museum

Contemporary Art

Museum of Grapevine

Abbey of St. Salvatore

Town Museum

Festivals in Prato - Prato Festivals Tuscany Italy


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