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Siena Museums

There are many museums in and around Siena, including collections of paintings and sculpture from the Roman, Gothic and Pre-Reanissance period. Please note that tourist attractions, including churches and museums, do not come cheap in Siena, although some do offer combined/joint tickets, that are valid upto 7 days.

Museo dell'Opera de Duomo - Cathedral Museum

The Museum of the cathedral holds all the great works that were removed from the Duomo.

Museum of the Biccherna Tablets - Archivio di Stato

Located in the Palazzo Piccolomini, the museum holds collections of ancient manuscripts,tablets of the state ledgers and books.

Accademia dei Fisiocritici Museo di Storia Naturale - Natural History museum

The Natural History Museum is split into several sections, Geologic Section, Zoologica Section, Anatomical Section, Botanical Section and Other collections.

Museo per Bambini - Museum for Children

The Museum for Children is considered for ages 4 until 11 years.

Hospital of Santa Maria of the Scale - Ospedale di Santa Maria Della Scala

Built in the 800's, ths museum was once a hospital and orphanage.

Museo Civico - Civic Museum

The Palazzo Pubblico is still used today to conduct some official business and located within the town hall you will find the Museo Civico.

Oratorio di S.Bernardino

The Oratory of S.Bernardino, located close to San Francesco Church, was built in the 1400's and has been completely restructured.

Palace of the Papesse - Center of Contemporary Art

The Palazzo delle Papesse, also known as the Palazzo Piccolomini, was built in the late 1400's for Caterina Piccolimini by Bernardo Rossellino.

Pinacoteca Nazionale - National Picture Gallery

This art gallery shows a number of master pieces from the 1200's to the early 1700's, and one of the largest collection of Sienese paintings.


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Siena Museums

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Siena Museums - Siena Tourist Attractions - Tourist Attractions Siena Tuscany Italy


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