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Siena Weather


Spring is a good season to visit Siena. The temperatures are at a comfortable range but this can be one of the wetter periods of the year. By May the rain becomes a rarity and the days become longer, up to 10 hours of daylight! The average temperatures for this season are between 65° and 75°.



Summer can get very busy in Siena. The weather is sunny and it can get very hot.  Expect a high humidity factor, especially in the city centre. The average temperature varies between 80° and 90°and can even reach the 100° mark. The evenings are pleasant.



For a beautiful time to visit Siena go in the Autumn. The weather is still warm at the end of October and even in to November.  The average temperatures in Autumn are 75° to 70°. The average daylight hours range from 8 to 9 hours per day.



Winter is still a good time to visit Siena. Although it can be wetter the average temperature is around 50° and still plenty of sunny days.


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Siena Weather - Weather Siena Tuscany Italy


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